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Rules for attending On-Site worship

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[Rules for attending On-Site worship]


Now, with tensions from Corona 19 continuing, BC is still in progress as a social distancing prevention system. As the situation is gradually improving, the worship of the Chilliwack Korean Presbyterian Church will be held in accordance with government guidelines. We ask for your understanding and active cooperation for the safety and gracious worship of the members of Chilliwack Korean Presbyterian Church. 


1. Please wash your hands with the hand sanitizers provided when entering or leaving the church, and always wear a face mask during worship and meetings.

2. Chapel Seat

  -Worshipers are spaced out one seat in front, back, left and right like a pattern so that about 2 meters are maintained, but the family sits in one place.

  -Come in 10 minutes before worship and please wipe your seat and the front seat backs.

3. Inside the church, After using  the door handles, washrooms, toilet handles, kitchen countertops (sink faucets), chapel pew, wipe them with the Lysol wipes provided in the church.

4. All accompanists/pianists should clean the piano keys before using the piano.

5. There is no meal for fellowship after worship. When greeting or sharing with each other, wear a mask and keep a distance of 2 meters or more.

6. If you have a fever or have respiratory symptoms (cough, sputum, stuffy nose, etc.), please refrain from visiting the church for others' safety.

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